2015 came with its blessings and its challenges. The blessings included a new daughter in law, a new son in law, a new grandson, a successful outcome to Adams surgery, plus many more. 

The challenges?  Well there really was only one;  how to fit all of Greyson’s stuff into one tiny house. Man that kid has some cool stuff and as he gets older he just gets more stuff. The living room has turned into the Greyson wing.

In all it was a good year for Granpa Jim because the only thing better than two perfect grandkids is three perfect grandkids and Grandma and I couldn’t be happier. 


Christmas Lights

They say that on a clear night if you look real hard you can see the lights from the space shuttle. Well my wife was determined to take that to the next level. You see she was determined that they could also see us from up there. That white dot forty miles north of Chicago is brought to you by my electric bill. 

Eighteen hundred lights by themselves sounds like a lot, well that’s just what’s on the tree in the living room, then there’s the tree in the dinning room and the mantel and railing and every window on the first floor. Oh yes then the entire front lawn to include the bushes, a couple of ornamental deer and wait for it,  that’s right a third tree. 

I know there are displays out there with bigger and brighter lights than ours but I think they call those Air Ports. 

We need a bigger house to store all the Christmas lights and things but then with a bigger house she would just get more decorations.

In our house Christmas starts the day after Halloween and goes until January sixth. That’s when we turn off the switch and com Ed stock takes a dip. 

As long as she loves looking at it I will haul it out and put it up.  That’s what Christmas is all about even if it does interfere with the landing patterns of local air ports. 

Greyson and the boys

Greyson is seven months old now and I haven’t posted anything in a long time. 

I’m sitting here in Bella’s Bouncie House waiting for Brodie and Declan to do something they have never done before; get tired of being here. 

Knowing that isn’t possible I have to announce the ten minute warning and let the negotiations begin, mostly from Declan who is an expert in Grandpa compromise. I can’t give in today though because Alec is on his way to pick them up.

Greyson is home in his own bouncy chair with his grandma and mom who only allows me partial custody. I get my time in when I can. 

Well time to sign off. Until next time. 

3 years

I can’t believe it has been three years since my last post.  Ok make that 2 years still a while.

Rough Night Out

Never get tired of hearing the boys play


Declan was sleeping Sunday when Anna cut Brodie’s hair so he missed his turn in the rotation. Now he looks good with long hair but it was too long so Grandma and I asked his mom if I could take him for a little cut. She said, “Yes but only two inches off”. So I had my mission and my instructions. I said, “Declan get your shoes, your going for a ride with Grandpa”.

So off we went and found ourselves at Great Clips in Antioch. It was very early, we were the only two there and both available girls came right up to greet us. The first checked the computer for our names while the second asked if he could sit by himself or did he need to sit on my lap. “No”, I said “He does very well by himself” but I stood right next to him because he turns into a Gremlin that just drank water if he looses site if his Grandpa.

So she put the cape on him and was running her fingers through his hair, assessing the project when I said, “His mother said Two Inches off”. She replied cheerfully, “Oh do you want a little boys haircut?” I said, “Two inches off”. She stopped, looked up at me and asked, “Do you want it a little up off the ears?” I said with a smile, “Two inches off, That’s all I got for ya”.

Laughing she said, “Ok” and went right back to work. I then added,”My daughter is a stylist at Salon Mackk in Crystal lake and usually cuts his hair but she has been very busy lately so that’s why we are here”.

Everything came to a complete stop. A Pause – and then, “Is there any more pressure you can put on me?” I said, Actually yes I will need your name so his mother has someone to call if she doesn’t like the haircut”.

Now comes the time that separates the Pros from the Wannabees. She could have disconnected, gave her real name and continued with the haircut while talking under her breath, but not her. This girl was smooth. She looked up at me, gave me a smirk and said, “Ya tell her to ask for Lola”.

I laughed and said, “Lola it is” and she proceeded to cut his hair commenting many times on how cute he was, how good he was, how good he looked and how well he sat still. Oh She was good, because a grandpa can’t hear these things too many times. She must have taken a “How to talk to Grandpa” class.

So his hair looks great, he gave her a high five and when I said good by to Lola she replied by saying thanks and it’s Robin.

So if you looking for a haircut and a good time, go to Great Clips and ask for Lola, they’ll know why you’re there.

Happy New Year

Have a good day today, and then have a good day tomorrow, then have a good day the next day……and don’t worry about the year.